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Produced for Chapter Eight. www.ascenthearing.com is a successful project I am proud of. The site is full ecommerce and performing well. The traffic is growing steadily and the client was happy with the result. The site was reviewed by New Media Age and awarded 88%. You can download a pdf of the review here
a freelance project. I was supplied a snazzy design and built it pixel perfect for all browers from IE6 upwards. A developer colleague plumbed in all the clever AJAX. www.splashbacksbypost.com
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This site was built for an aspiring author to promote his latest book. Whilst not for the faint hearted www.ballsman.org is supposed to be funny rather than offensive. It's not my content!

My tools...

I can whizz around Adobe Fireworks. I've been using various versions as long as i've been creating screen images. The new pages is handy and shared symbols have always been a time saver.

Text editor

I tend not to use Dreameaver but there is no reason why I couldn't. I am happy using the Notepad++.

FTP duties

More cheap and cheerful. Did something odd recently but i've forgiven it.