Mike Edwards - About me

Hi there and welcome to my little web folio. I call myself a multidisciplined web creative. I think that is less limiting than web designer and more accurately describes my abilities. I can and have made many professional websites, both within an agency, and more recently in a freelance capacity. I trained at the University of Bradford where I was taught the WHY's of creating and combining images and media as well as the HOW's. No surprise then that there was a plan before I designed and built this site, which you can view here.

My skills: I won't waffle on with a load of spiel. I wanted to quickly put something together to clearly demonstrate web production and graphic skills

My experience: I have been doing this ~7 years. For three years I taught myself, before being offered a position at Chapter Eight digital agency in Leeds. I have been with them for over 4 years and worked on a multitude of projects. I've built many brochure websites. I've built full ecommerce websites. I've built job boards with user self registration, automated job alert emails and more.

My achievements: Most of my sites are still running (but hey, I don't vet the ideas!) I can't speak too specifically but some sites are still growing and doing extremely well. Sites i've built (and often designed from scratch to a client brief) are still taking thousands of hits from unique visitors a month. Some are taking upwards of 15k a month in sales. I don't take all of the credit for this. Our clients could avail themselves of our marketing and search specialists. My exposure to these professionals has enriched my own web know how

Besides the day job I am absorbed with other things


I am a long suffering Leeds United fan. Hoping to go to more games again in the near future.

Leeds United Badge

Making music

I produce various forms of music on my laptop. I'm a big fan of these little beauties...

Casio SK-1